Monday, November 22, 2021

Factor affecting construction work scheduling

Developing a work plan for construction work in a contract required some basic important information. In a contract, it will always emphasize "TIME". In other words, TIME IS THE ESSENCE OF A CONTRACT

Generally, the term "time is the essence" simply means that a contract must have a starting date and closing date. This will be a guide for any work plan. Whatever scope of works is involved in order to complete a project, it shall be done within this period of time. This limited time available for any construction work in a contract will determine which construction method to be applied. The agreed construction period in a contract will also directly affect the type of machinery to be used and how much manpower need to be engaged. 

Despite the time frame given, manpower, and machinery we are chosen, when we plan a construction schedule, the bottom line is how much we are going to pay for all the costs. We shall be aware of the cost implications versus the agreed contract sum. In other words, when planing a construction work schedule, these major two (2) factors shall be balanced off. The two important factors are always "Time" and "Cost".

In general, to shorten the construction period, more manpower or machinery is required or more advanced construction technic is needed.