Saturday, June 2, 2012


           1.      Site perimeter survey shall be partially started and approved by
            S.O / S.O.R / S.O.R Rep.

     2.      Contractor shall obtain early commencement letter from NREB.

     3.      Prior to site clearing, contractor shall inform/Submit  and obtain 
             approval from the S.O / S.O.R / S.O.R Rep.    pertaining to the followings;

a)      Mitigation measure for the surface run off.
b)     Location of the Dumping Site for disposal purpose.
c)      Location of the stock pile yard for top soil for later use.
d)     Possible obstruction on site clearing activities such as existing crops,
 structure and etc.

           4.       Upon receiving approval from S.O/S.O.R/S.O.R Rep. site clearing activities
              shall proceed from the center of the roads towards the construction limit.

     5.      There shall be no vegetation, trees, debris and spoils be deposited into 
             streams, rivers or water courses or use as fill material.

     6.       All trees and vegetation identified by relevant authorities for conservation 
             shall be protected.

     7.       During the course of site clearing, all necessary temporary diversion for 
             water way shall be constructed and maintained throughout the construction
             period to keep the site free from stagnant water.

     8.      If due to unforeseen circumstances turfing works could not be carried out,
             those expose area shall be properly protected against erosion by ways of 
            covering it with   plastic sheets or any practical and equivalent method.