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Top Vital Steps in Successful Construction(Part 2)

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In the Top Vital Step in Successful Construction (Part 1), I already elaborate in brief what are the vital steps that needed in order to successfully complete a construction project. One of the key steps that I did mentioned was the Work Program.

The first stage that a person needs to do is to come out with the master work program which will be the baseline for the monitoring purpose. Work Program, as a matter of fact, is part of the project management item which is a very important tool for project managers. It list and display almost all items that required in orderly manner as guidance for all head of construction personnel to do their work. In a work program one can find out easily the information as listed below.

  1. Required task to deliver a construction product,
  2. When is the date of site possession or site handing over to contractor,
  3. The start and the finish every task,
  4. The duration that needed to complete a task,
  5. The dependency of each and every task,
  6. The cost of construction for every task,
  7. Contractor resources that are planned to complete a work,
  8. Critical task that must not being delay the date to start and finish,
  9. The targeted date of completion and

However, out of the entire item listed above, it still up to the project manager to customise what is the information that he want to display in his work program. Nevertheless the developer of the work program still need to incorporate the entire item mentioned for the purpose of monitoring the status of the project.

The second stage of the work program is tracking stage. What is tracking stage? Tracking stage is a process that manager need to do to enable him to get the overall view of the project status. In other word, it is to insert in the percentage of the work completed task by task. The percentage will show how the project progress in actual. It will calculate the differences between the baseline or the schedule program and actual work done on site. With the information the project manager will know whether his project can be successfully completed on the same date as spell out in the formal contract. In general term of reporting project progress, the overall status of the project also reported either as "ahead of schedule" or "behind schedule" which also mean the project is delay.

Know that we already discuss the important of the work program; the next question is how are we going to come out with the work program? There are two ways that we can use to develop a work program. The first one is do it manually which mean developing the work program without the computer aided software and the next method is to utilised any available work program software that we familiar of. There are numbers of software being develop and lunch for this purpose. Among them are Microsoft Project and Primavera. With the available technology that we have now, it have tremendously reduce the difficulty to develop a good work program.

For all those involve in developing the work program, congratulation that you have read this article. Hopefully that it can help you out and look out for the next article which will be publish soon. Thank you.

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Project Management : Earned Value and Microsoft Project#links

There are many way of doing the management of a project. One of it is by using the software such as micsrosoft project.

Project Management Blog: Earned Value and Microsoft Project#links

Project Management

Project management is an area in any construction related field that cannot be neglected. To sucessfully completed a project, any construction organisation or firm need to have a competent team to work on this specific field. Without the knowledge in Project Management, a project will just fall into disaster.. which everyone in this field will definitely want to avoid if possible.

The project management is a work that is not on paper only, it can be a trap to oneself if it is going to be done for the sake of documentation wise. It is a very important essence in construction. There are many related article that can be read to know better in this Area of project management.

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My Construction Site Photo

Site Clearing for New Road

Completed Road improvement

Completed Subbase

My Road Project still under Construction

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Why Contractors always being hunted whether can or cannot they successfully completed a construction project? There is one reason why they always being hunted by the issue.

First of all, regardless whether it new contractor or experienced contractor, the common mistake that they repeatedly do is failure to properly plan. The question is why? The number one issue is usually contractors are so obsessive to have as much job as they can. It is because in construction business, generally the more jobs the contractor has, the more income it mean to them. Hence, when such logical was to be taken for granted it often hidden other vital item from the contractor to make proper planning.

Let us elaborate more on the logical of the statement "More jobs the contractor have means more income to them". The statement is true in the sense that each and every project a contractor can secure, there had been estimation on how much the profit the will make. However estimation on the profit alone does not mean that a construction project will be successfully completed as stipulated in the contract agreement.

That is where Construction or Project Planning taken place.

Bellow are few steps that contractor need to be consider before they bid for a project.

  1. The contractor current work Load,

  1. Available cash flow or financial status,

  1. Available plant, machinery and equipment,

  1. Available competent staff,

  1. Knowledge on site condition prior to participating in a particular tender.

All though, all the five (5) listed factor is merely at the finger tips of the contractor knowledge but it always being neglected when there are to obsessive to win a tender.

The next step in construction or project planning that becomes the heart of Construction is Work Program.

What is work program? In brief, a work program is a list of task or job that needs to be done in order to successfully complete a construction. In a work program, normally it will show the information as when to start and to finish. It also carried out the information of dependency between tasks to task. On the resources part it will show what and how many manpower, equipment, plant and machinery needed for a particular task to be successfully completed as required. With a work program, a contractor will be able to see how much the construction cost (for Labors, Equipments, Machinery and Plants) he has to pay for.

For all construction related contractor, Engineers, Architect and any construction personnel, the information above is merely a guide from my own experienced. It does not intend to mislead anyone but if it does, I do apologies.

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