Thursday, June 2, 2011



Component of Road Construction.
  1. Survey Works
    1a. Right of way or Boundary Survey
    1b. Road centreline (CL) Survey.
    1c. Road levelling survey ( Subgrade Level, Subbase Level, Roadbase Level,Finishing road level survey.
    1d. As built Survey.
    1e. Invert level for drain, Culvert
    1f. Slope formation survey.
  2. Site clearing.
  3. Stripping of top soil.
  4. Cutting and filling to form the subgrade level.
  5. Cutting to form the slope formation level.
  6. Laying of the Subbase with the approved material.
  7. Laying of the roadbase with approved aggregate.
  8. Spreading filler to top of roadbase.
  9. Sparying the prime coat on top of the roadbase.
  10. Laying of the Asphaltic Binder course.
  11. Laying of the Asphaltic Wearing Coarse.
  12. Construction of the drainage system, (Bench or berm drain,Toe Drain, Roadside drain)
  13. Piling works to drain, Culvert or bridge.

Testing required in road construction.
  1. Selection of material
  2. Compaction test.
  3. CBR test
  4. Makintosh probe testing
  5. Marshall test
  6. Cube test for concrete.