Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Construction Technology : Industrial Building System ( IBS)

What is Industrial Building System ( IBS )? IBS is not a new technology in the construction industry. It has been there for years but we just not realised that some of the construction material that we are using are infact IBS.

There are advantage of building with IBS. Below are some of advantage that our construction industries especially contractors need to know.

1. Reduce construction Period.
2. The quality of product are properly monitor since the product of IBS are fabricate or manufactured in the factory.
3. Reduce wastage of construction material..
4. Increase the cleanliness of site.
5. In a long run , it help contractor to reduce cost of construction

The most valuable point is " Time = Value for Money "

Some of the IBS product are Ready fabricate Wall or partition Panel, Steel or Timber roof truss, Building Facade, Door and Window Frame, Column, Slab and beam. Bridge Girder also part of it.

In Some cases, where major structure building cannot being fabricate in factory due to transportation problem, the item under IBS that can be use is the Formwork. Formwork also called IBS if the formwork can be use over and over again and for more that one project. The type of formwork that we mentioned here are steel form work.