Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Document control in construction management

Document control is part and parcel of the important area for construction personnel to look into. The important of this are to help every party involved in a particular construction work get the right information at the right time and it help protecting interest of every party.

Due to the heavy work load personnel tend to be distracted from performing a proper document control. For example, there is important documentation that already being distributed to respective personnel, however the sender had overlook on the acknowledge receipt of the document. Thus if there will be an issue arise mentioned that the document was not received or the sender have not do the submission yet, then the sender will having problem to proof that he actually had distribute that particular document.

Looking at the scenario above, this can indirectly affecting the smooth progress of the project. The document might be needed for the purposed of material approval, notice, application of extension of time or progress claim or design change. When this issue of document control become so critical it will start affecting the completion of the construction work. Some of the issue might have to be solved at arbitration level.

For the sake of a well manage construction works and meeting the goal of any construction project, document control should not be taken lightly. I have to be part of the construction procedure. Regardless how it supposed to be carried out, whether by incorporate any document control software or conventional method, Document Control Have To Be Executed in such a manner which will have a positive impact on the project or construction works.