Monday, October 3, 2016

construction cost estimation : Flexible pavement

Cost estimation for construction of flexible pavement is very important to enable a smooth construction activities in road constructions. In order to do cost estimation of Flexible pavement for road, there are numbers of important information that we need to know about the flexible pavement. Below are some of the important parameter required to enable the cost estimation.
1. Flexible pavement structure, dimension and quantity.
2. Construction material required
3. Construction Methodology or work method statement
4. Construction work duration 

General flexible pavement structure
(credit to Kontraktor Malaysia Facebook)
Construction Material for flexible pavement.
  1. Suitable soil (well compacted) for sub-grade
  2. Down Crusher Run ( Crush and well Graded Granite stone) for Flexible pavement Sub-base and base course
  3. Prime Coat
  4. Asphaltic concrete Binder Course (ACB)
  5. Tack coat
  6. Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course (ACW)