Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Construction work and weather

Construction site is a place where most of the works are performed at an open space or out-door. When we mentioned open space or out -door, all of the construction personnel that involved in construction activities are subject to weather condition. As every construction personnel know, when working out-door, each and every one of us will always want a good weather, especially moderate temperature on the day. In other words that day it is not a sunny day neither do it rainy day.

Regardless the weather condition, each of the situation having its own hazard towards health.
Below are some of the situation, Hazard and suggestion on how to manage the situation.

Weather Condition            Hazard                                         Management   
Raining                             Flu, Fever, Headache                   Do not work in rain.

Drizzling                              Flu, Fever,Slippery,                        Provide sheds ( if applicable) or/and 
                                         Fall from high place                      Avoid working at high location or/and
                                                                                            provide suitable PPE or
                                                                                            Do not work if it is drizzling

Strong Wind / Storm        Falling object,                               Do not carry out any activities below the 
                                                                                          group that working at higher location.

                                       Collapsed of Scaffolding               Evacuate or do not stay on scaffolding                                                                                                            platform during strong wind/storm.

Hot Weather                   Fainted and fall from high place          Worker rotation system,
                                     Heat stroke/Heat stress                     Provide Shades ( if applicable),
                                                                                             Ensure or provide drinks for workers
                                                                                             Provide and ensure the usage of suitable PPE