Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Construct A Proper Road

Step by step general guideline).
  1. Received construction Drawings
  2. Engage a License Surveyor
  3. Site boundary / Right of way setting out
  4. Surveyor to take all the existing ground level within the R.O.W for control and calculation purpose.
  5. Submit for approval all the survey works done on site prior to Site clearing works
  6. Start site clearing
  7. Setting out for road center line, road edge, road side drain and all necessary level
  8. Submit for approval all the survey works done at site prior to any earthwork
  9. Upon Approval, Proceed with the earthwork (Construction of the Subgrade) to achieve the design level.
  10. Construction of the road must be done as the approved project quality plan and method statement.
  11. Perform the Quality check according to the Project Quality Plan (PQP) and method statements to confirm to the design requirements.
  12. Upon achieving the design requirements for the subgrade, set up the second stage level control for the sub-base work and submit for approval prior to sub-base work.
  13. Upon approval proceed with the sub-base work.
  14. Perform QAQC Check as per approved PQP.
  15. Upon achieving the design level, submit for inspection and approval to proceed with the road-base work.
  16. Set up the control level for the road-base work.
  17. Submit for approval.
  18. Upon approved, proceed with the road base work.
  19. Repeat QAQC Procedure as required in Approved PQP for road-base work.
  20. Upon achieving the design level for the road-base, submit for inspection.
  21. Only proceed with the pavement work when the constructed Road-base is approved and accepted by client or their superintending officer. ( If any)
  22. Installation of the road furniture.
  23. Handing over for completion.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Preliminaries work

Preliminaries work.
Preliminaries work is description that always being used in tender and contract documents. It consist of more than one work or things that is essential and without it the construction work will not be able to proceed. Below are list of preliminaries work normally being included in the tender and contract document.
1. CIDB Levy,
2. Insurances,
3. Performance Bond,
4. Site office for contractor,
5. Site office for Superintending officer and representative,
6. site clearing,
7. Mobilization and demobilization,
8. Temporary works,
10. Progress report, Quality assurance and Quality control report, Safety and health report.
11. Environment monitoring report.
12. Safety and health officer/supervisor,
13. Environmental consultant,
14.Safety and health protective equipment,
15.As-built drawings,
16.Statutory and regulatory requirement,
17.Transpotation services for S.O and S.O.R's
18.monthly Site meeting
19. Site clearing prior to completion.
20. others..


The item that is listed above is the normal preliminaries work in a tender or contract document.