Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quality Documentation filing

Construction works is not only about constructing structure, infrastructure, etc. that we need to focus on. In order to have a smooth flow of construction work, there is another area that most of contractor always overlook. The area that I mentioned here is no other than clerical works.

Normally most of us just leave the filing process to our general clerk. It is OK if the appointed clerk know how and have some knowledge of ISO system but if they are only average general clerk, we might facing difficulty in finding the records of  construction. Therefore a proper filing system shall be create and follow to ensure easy track back on all the issue pertaining to our construction.

In general project correspondence is divided into two (2) Major component that is Incoming correspondence and Out-going Correspondence  From this two major category, we than can break it out to another 3 sub major category that is Client, Consultant, Local Authorities/Local Council and miscellaneous. This category than can be further divided into different type of category such as monthly progress report, QAQC Report, Meeting, Progress payment or claim and etc..

Below is How I do my breakdown for the purpose of my project filing.


The link below is for a more proper filing system.