1. Form a company in malaysia and get it registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or relevant authority.The company or firm can be Sole propietory, Partnership, Sendirian Berhad( private Limited), Berhad.
2. Get registered with CIDB(compulsory)
3. Get registered with Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor ( PKK).
4. Get registered with Unit pendaftaran kontraktor.(UPK -applicable for sarawak only)

Contractor category and gred under CIDB
1. Category - CE ( Civil Engineering ), ME( Mechnical Engineering), EE ( Electrical Engineering)
2.Gred -G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6,G7

Contractor category and class under PKK & UPK
1. Bumiputera , Non-bumiputera
2. Class A, B, C, D, E, F

for more detail of this registration visit; for PKK for Upk.

Are you fulltime involved in construction industry? Is your goal to become a fulltime contractor? ? If you answer is yes, the next Question is, do you have the financial capacity to run a project? This question has been there for century for those who wanted to venture into business.

Capital..? There are two major ways to get your working capital and start work.

The best is you have YOUR OWN MONEY. How about if there is no extra money at all that you can utilize to start as a contractor? The answer is borrowing.

These are options that might help you.
1. Financial institution
2. Friends
3. Family
4. Your own property. Eg. Land, house, equipment.

Assume that now you already have the Working Capital but you still have to overcome this obstacle. For the time being you still cannot resign from your current employer because you still need pay check from them until you are financially safe and sound. Then with this situation can you become the contractor? The answer is YES. How?

Assume that you know and you have groups of people that are ready at any time to the on the ground construction work for you. Now you can start looking for some construction works and employ a competent and trustworthy supervisor to supervise your project. Start with one Project. Now you already have one Job in-hand.

Next, Sub-the project out to groups of people to prevent any loses because you are only part time contractor and you wouldn’t be able to bring in your own labor force and fulltime supervising them. With your Supervisor in place he can always become your ear and eye for you.

Congratulation… you are now a part time contractor but how to control you sub-contractor? The answer is through their progress payment. When come to payment, you need to evaluate it by yourself. Pay only when you are satisfied with the work done.

From here you can grow you part time construction business to a fulltime business. Remember the most important rule…DO ONLY WHAT YOU CAN and GREEDY IS THE MOTHER OF FAILURE.