Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Money in Construction.

How to make money in construction industry as a contractor is always tricky. This is simply because the profit margin are affected by few factor. The Five TOP FACTOR are as following.
1. Labour Cost.
2. Plant, Equipment and Machinery Cost.
3. Time ( how long will you be able to complete the works)
4. Construction Material.
5. Negotiation skills to secure a contract.

There is almost no contractor that can do all the construction work on their own. Most of them will categorized the works according to the scope of work and sub-let it to smaller contractor. By doing this the Main Contractor will have a better control over their own profit margin.

For example. Contractor A had secure a road project. throughout the whole contract the expected profit margin during the tendering or negotiation process was 12%. He then Split the works in to various category or trade with his profit margin of Maximum 7% to 10%. The balance, 2% is set apart for his subcontractor. With that scenario he already secure at least 7% to 10% of the project profit. His only problem is to make sure his Subcontractor can complete their works with-in the agreed contract period. If the Sub contractor failed to delivered the works, it is the Subcontractor duty to to ensure that what ever scope of work he undertake he need to complete it even with the extra cost incurred. Due to this possible extra cost had been taken over by subcontractor, it can be seen that the main contractor profit is almost undisturbed. At the end of the process Main Contractor can easily secure at least 5% profit from the project.

This strategy normally being applied by almost all contractor after considering the TOP 5 factor that will directly affect their profit margin.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Protection for your construction documentation.

Security of construction documentation is become more and more important in construction industry today. This situation is due to the increase in usage of computer aided technology in this construction industry. As all of us already know, by doing works with the computer aided technology, we are all expose to the attack of various kind of virus. The attack often cost us our important documentation which eventually affecting our productivity, document accuracy, time or even money.

Today as the trend of preparing and keeping the documentation migrate from handwritten and old typewriter to computer which is digital affecting across any industry, it had expose our construction and make it vulnerable to the virus and spy attack. If we are not properly prepared, it can resulting into heavy financial losses.

How to address this virus and spyware attack?. The answer is have you Anti-Virus software and Anti-spyware installed on your computer. There is lots of anti-virus and anti-spyware out there to be chosen. It ranging from free version, trial version and pay version. what is the different between all of this version.

Free Version:
The version that you do not have to pay.Can be download from the internet for free. Always come with limitation such as can only scan but never be able to remove the virus and many other limitation.

Trial version:
Anti-virus version or Anti-spyware version that can be download for free. You can have all the function running in a proper way. However time will always be the essence of this trial version. Usually it functionality will reduce one it reach it time limit.
This is the best version. provide you with all function of the particular anti-virus or anti-spyware. It will work all days long. usually the license will expire after a year and need to be renewed. For this version it need some investment. we need to purchase the license product.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wan's Journal: Low Cost Technology

Wan's Journal: Low Cost Technology: Pile Driver , a photo by wanhashim on Flickr. This is my first time encountering this type of low cost technology to drive piles in its loc...

Pile Driver by wanhashim

This pile driver is either the modification of the steel structure type or the other way round. Regardless of the material that been used to assemble this machine, the main focus of this machine is due to its mobility. This machine can be dismantle and reassemble easily and is one of the most simple solution to the construction site with limited accessibility. However there is some limitation to this machine as what being describe in Wan's Journal. Usually this machine being use for timber piling works.