Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Project planning is important ingredient in every construction work undertake by contractor. without a proper planning it is only by chances that a project can be run smoothly even though at the end of the day, the project will be delivered, but, with a very high price that contractor need to pay. The cost could be another capital loosing for doing a construction project. For some this is a very painful but valuable lesson that must not be forgotten. The moral of this will be "learn from the past experience".
Now a days, to be a competitive contractor it is not only that one need a good networking of supplier, strong cash flow, having numbers of skill workers , equipment, plant and machineries but proper project planning. With a proper construction planning, all of the resources usage can be optimised to deliver even higher profit margin without jeopardizing the quality of the end product. With a good construction practice and well planed project, contractor should be able to meet their contract requirement as well as their own objective that is making more money.

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  1. There's a saying, that "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Same goes with project planning. Project managers and contractors work hard to ensure that everything works smoothly, from the budgeting to the scheduling. With the use of technology, that can be made possible, and even faster. There are lots of construction software nowadays that can be used to ensure the flow of the work is good and safe. Construction work is never easy, you know. :)


  2. Thanks Malik for the comments.
    I Agree with you. Construction work is never easy. For those who plan to get involve in this field, please embrace the knowledge of construction. Get your hand dirty..Money sometime will not be able to ensure that you will be successful in this field.

    " Fasten you safety belt before even before you start your engine"