Sunday, May 4, 2014

Construction manager delegation of power

cConstruction manager or project manager is an important element for any construction field. Thus, it is important for them to be available at all time during construction period. However in real life, everybody need sometime to rest or leave for what ever reason. In view of this situation, it is always a good practice to perform "power delegation" procedure. This is a procedure to authorised a competent personnel to take over the manager duty when ever he or she will be on leave for a substantial period of time such as one week. Most of the construction company only make known the delegation of power to the person affected but in most cases they fail to notify other organisation on the issue. This scenario seems to be only a minor matter any it would not affect the construction work but it do affect the works if drastic or urgent decision is required in which the decision only can be make by authorised personnel. Hence any delegation of power shall be make official and all organisation that involved shall be officially inform.

The content of the delegation of power shall clearly stated the name of the person that will take over the responsibility, his scope of work and his limit of authority. If required may be the period he or she be in power also shall be stated.

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