Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Setting out for building wall construction.

Building wall construction required bricklayer to do a simple setting Out. How to do this setting out?
Below are steps that needed.

1. Study the Architectural construction drawing.

2. Do the measurement as specified on the drawing and mark every single point  (Both Upper and Lower Point).

3. On the lower ground Mark Continuous line from one end (earlier mark done at step 2) of the proposed wall to the other end of Proposed wall (earlier mark done at step 2).

4. By using Plumbob, Hang two (2) vertical tread for each end of the proposed wall. Make sure the tip of plumbob hang straight on top of the lower mark which is on the ground floor or lower floor where the proposed wall going to be build.

5. Tie a horizontal tread on both vertical tread. make sure that this horizontal tread is moveable and not too loose until it cannot stay on position when it is moved up and down to a new desire possition along the vertical tread.

4. Start lay your wall when all of this guide line/tread is fixed and practically working.

The tread is useful to ensure that the wall is build with a vertically Straight and horizontally straight unless the wall is designed to certain pattern.

When doing Setting out for a wall you will need this basic hand tool and consumable Material
a) Hammer 

b) Tread

c) Measuring Tape

4) Maker ( Pencil / Pen )
5) Nail

6) Chalk liner

 7) Plumbob.

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