Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Construction project manager roles and responsibility

Construction work, regardless any type of construction, a contractor will always need a competent Project manager. A person  that had been engaged to become a project manager must be able to handle these scope of work.

  1. Dealing with, client, consultants, local authority, supplier, sub contractor and local residence.
  2. Preparing a master work program
  3. keep and maintained all of important activities through the project.
  4. Attend any meetings that required his input. eg. Site meeting, Claim meeting, coordination meeting.
  5. Monitoring the overall progress to ensure timely completion of a project.
  6. Prepare weekly and monthly report.
  7. Monitoring and ensure that the construction work meet all the Quality requirement.
  8. Ensure that the end product is as per construction drawing.
  9. Dealt with any design change.
  10. Ensure that accommodation, transport and site office for client and consultant is always well equipped and maintained
  11. Assessing the value of the work done and submit the progress claim.
  12. Preparing application of Extension of time if any is required.
  13. Dealt with any matter arise with regards to the construction work.
  14. Dealt with any requirement and  documentation for the purpose of closing the project upon completion. 

In the event that there is any dispute, A Project Manager need to know what is in the contract, what can and what are allowed. Some of the construction work ended up in arbitration or in court, then the knowledge of contract act and tort law might be helpful.

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