Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Traffic Management in road construction

Traffic management is part and partial of road construction that must be look into. Even though it do not contribute to any of the road construction it self but it does  affect the progress of the work. Traffic management become very significant if the construction site is within the existing road. As we all know existing road is road that already open to public.Thus there will be moving vehicle every now and then. We certainly do not want to see any accident occur during construction period which involve our site. Therefore a safe and practical traffic management plan must be in place.

Some of the normal measures and tools that we applied during construction work are:-

1. Provide flagmen at both end of our construction site and equip them with and Personal Protective equipment and communication tools, such as walkie talkie to enable the to guide the existing traffic efficiently.

2. Erecting some warning sign along the existing road to inform public in advance before they reach the construction area.

3. Provide detour sign if the existing traffic need to be redirect into our temporary road.

4. Erect safety barrier along the construction site to prevent existing traffic entry into our work place

5. Install "blinker" before and along the construction site to provide warning sign that public user of the existing road is approaching construction site or they are driving just adjacent to the construction site.

6. Publish construction work notice on newspapers or main stream media to alert public or road user on the coming or ongoing construction work along the road.

7. Periodic monitoring and maintain all safety and warning sign that had been installed to ensure that it is in good and practical condition.

All of the above but not limited to the listed planed safety measures in this article shall follow the minimum standard of traffic management plan required by the authority.

Traffic Management can save life, time and money.

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